Boot Camp Executive Function

Benefits of the Laurel School Executive Function Bootcamp

Efficient systems for organization, and time management.
Learn to set goals, create action plans, and monitor your process.
Develop study habits by learning What and How to actually study.
Strong interpersonal skills, communication, and self-advocacy skills

High School EF Bootcamp

Our Executive Function Bootcamp develops students’ awareness knowledge of their executive function strengths and challenges; how to leverage their personal learning styles; and how to motivate themselves. Learn tools and strategies that build executive skills and healthy habits, so that you can be more confident and successful at school and in your life. 

Middle School EF Bootcamp

Middle school can be challenging for students as they begin to independently manage their school work, home life, and social life. At the Laurel School Executive Functioning boot camp, we use fun assessments and a variety of games to find and focus on the student’s strengths and learning preferences. Then we will purposefully explore Executive Functioning Skills (EFS) and discuss ways of combining the EFS with their strengths. This camp will prepare them for the increased expectations that come with middle school.

Parent Follow-Up Bootcamp

Learn how to support your child’s newly learned skills. This session will introduce you to strategies your child learned throughout the week so you can help our child get “unstuck” when they have trouble initiating tasks. You will learn strategies to promote flexible thinking, sustain attention, tips on creating an organizational and time management system in our home that will support the whole family, and so much more.


Session 1: July 26-29, 1-3pm - MIDDLE SCHOOL

Executive Function Boot Camp Session 1

1 Week Session - MIDDLE SCHOOL
July 26-29, 1 - 3 pm
$600 Includes One Parent Session,
- Plus One During The Year
Session 2: August 9-12 - HIGH SCHOOL

Executive Function Boot Camp Session 2

1 Week Session - HIGH SCHOOL
August 9-12, 9 - 11 am
$500 Per Session
$600 Includes One Parent Session,
- Plus One During The Year
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